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June 12
6:30 p.m.

Germany & Indonesia

Germany & Indonesia


NOTE: After you RVSP, you will receive information or a reminder email, but you may or may not receive this right away. Please look out for it before the event! Each event may be different. 

A discussion will follow each program to compare and contrast the films and the topics with special discussants. All films are subtitled in English, unless otherwise noted.



  • TBD



Goethe-Institut Washington

1377 R St. NW, Ste. 300 Washington, DC 20009

Germany, 2023, 30 min. 
Director: Alina Graff

Carla and Kerim tie the knot, but immigration authorities suspect it's a sham marriage. Two officers investigate the authenticity of their love. As the couple prepares for their life together, undergo interrogation, and face the scrutiny of official reports, a dark comedy ensues, revealing truth beyond bureaucratic boundaries.

Chorus of The Wounded Birds (Bising)
Indonesia, 2022, 12 min. 
Director: Amar Haikal 

Late at night, unable to find the whereabouts of his father, a desperate young man searches for release in a motorbike repair shop, where he meets a distraught mechanic who has just lost custody of his son.

I Saw a Ghost, and it was Beautiful 
Indonesia, 2022, 9 min. 
Director: Bobby Fernando

Miss Eloise, a melancholic property agent, is assigned to manage the vacation of a countryside apartment due to the sudden disappearance of its last tenant. Her whimsical decision to spend the night in the mysteriously abandoned room—fueled by her desire to flee from her own soporific reality—slowly spirals into a feverish odyssey. 


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