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June 13
7:00 p.m.

Japan & Austria


Japan & Austria


NOTE: After you RVSP, you will receive information or a reminder email, but you may or may not receive this right away. Please look out for it before the event! Each event may be different. 

A discussion will follow each program to compare and contrast the films and the topics with special discussants. All films are subtitled in English, unless otherwise noted.


  • Tom Vick, Curator of Film, Smithsonian National Museum of Asian Art

  • Others TBD

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Japan Information & Culture Center, Embassy of Japan

1150 18th St NW #100

Washington, DC 20036

Becoming Yamazushi
Japan, 2024, 14 min. 
Director: G Yamazawa

In 1986, a small Japanese restaurant opened its doors in Durham, North Carolina. Years later, Yamazushi, operated by George and Mayumi Yamazawa, transformed into an experience that many would say is the first of its kind in the American South. Hip hop artist G Yamazawa reveals the essence of his family’s story and the art of being unapologetically authentic.

Mom’s Celestial Robe of Feathers
Japan, 2024, 21 min. 
Director: Kazuhiro Taira

Why did my beautiful mother marry my father? Ruri tries to escape from these thoughts as she faces an uncertain future. Then, one day, she learns of her mother’s past, and even more questions arise…

Nelly’s Story 
Austria, 2023, 19 min.
Director: Jonas Steinacker

The day turns into a living nightmare for Sarah when her daughter Nelly locks her out of the house on her ninth birthday. Barricading herself in, Nelly starts posting videos of Sarah on the internet. As the content of the videos grows more and more concerning, the situation escalates.
Visiting Johanna (Der Besuch)
Austria, 2023, 11 min.
Director: Martin Weiss

Julia has traveled to Vienna to surprise her sister Johanna at her art performance. Johanna has rented a room for her feminist performance, hired two musicians, and invited everyone she knows. A miserably unsuccessful evening might, however, bring the two siblings closer together.


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